Oppdatert tirsdag, den 8. august, 2006.

The Dreamer

I have always had a vivid imagination. As a child I often seemed to dream away in my own fantasies. I love story telling. Here are some project that has the single purpose of telling a story. Enjoy!

Script for "I Guds navn"

Oppdatert torsdag, den 10. august, 2006.

A new script for a full feature film. Based on terrorism and religious racism. Return of the character Fonja from "Tampen Brenner".

Script for Tampen Brenner

Oppdatert torsdag, den 10. august, 2006.

The original and English translation of  Tampen Brenner (The burning edge)

Dark Realm

Oppdatert fredag, den 4. mai, 2007.

Comic book cartoon. Illustrated by me. Won 4'th place in "Sabla bra reklame" student category. (Please ignore the spelling error in the tittle.)

Teddy in the attic

Oppdatert fredag, den 11. august, 2006.

A children's book I've written and illustrated. It was never published.