Oppdatert lørdag, den 19. august, 2006.

Welcome to Thomas Fosselis online portfolio. Graphics- Multimedia and Film Designs. Here you will find most of my original work till today (2006)

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A picture of me

A picture of me

In the Kristiansand Library

A trip worth wile

A trip worth wile

NY - 2005. The Gates.

Story about me

Oppdatert mandag, den 18. oktober, 2010.

My name is Thomas Fosseli. I was born in Norway, Kristiansand 1981. I am a Graphics and multimedia designer, always looking for new challenges.

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Since I was a little kid, drawing and dreaming away in my fantasies have been my prime hobbies. I learned to draw at an early age by my father, who also is a graphics designer, and for a long time I always thought that this was my line of work, which it was for a while. I consider myself a good visual artist, but even though I was quite good at making logos and brochures there was something missing.

At my first year at MI I made a comic book that won the fourth prize in a prestigious contest in Norway. "Sabla bra reklame" which means "extremely good advertising". It was at this point I realized that I was better at telling stories then I thought.
I finished MI with a god grade; 2,4 (Where 1 is the greatest achievement and 6 is flunk) probably a B in the western grade scale.

Instead of continuing with graphics I decided to try a different media of design. I went to a private school called Noroff and showed them my portfolio from MI. They liked my work, and decided that I could start off right away in the second year.

At Noroff we went through a bit of everything. Graphics, Web, radio, sound. But it was not until we began learning about film and editing that I became really exited. I had never really considered film making as an option until now because that could only be a dream. Or could it be a reality?

At this point I thought of nothing else. Film was the missing part, my passion. I teamed up with two other students and began a project that was going to take up a lot of our time for half a year. And so we started planning "Tampen Brenner", a short film. "Tampen Brenner" in itself is a long story. But the experience was extraordinary. It premiered at the local cinema with 300 viewers and a standing ovation. At this assignment we got the highest score of 1,5 (A in western)

I had found my dream. I had found my passion. The next year I completed the last year at MI to finish my studies as a graphics designer and start looking for the right film school.

After working as a Graphics Designer for 4 years i finally got excepted in to The Norwegian Film School where i took my bachelor degree in Production design.